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Jobs @ InsWeb

InsWeb brings consumers and insurance providers together in the Web's leading insurance marketplace. InsWeb is a growing company and invites you to be part of our success at our Rancho Cordova, CA location. (Just a stone's throw east of Sacramento.)

InsWeb Is an Amazing Place to Work and Grow
Our people are our greatest asset!  We don’t just say that, we live it.  We invest in our people; we treat them with the highest level of respect and strive to ensure that every individual’s skills are valued from day one.  We believe InsWeb’s success is completely dependent upon our ability to attract and retain highly motivated, capable people.

Where else can you vigorously discuss the best Chardonnay with the CEO, try to outrun the General Counsel in a marathon, attempt to beat the CFO at tennis, go wakeboarding with the CTO or play ice hockey with the head of Operations? All these options are possible if you work for InsWeb.

People We Are Looking For:

  • Passionate people with integrity and a focus on doing the right thing to help their company succeed.
  • Highly professional, smart, well-qualified individuals who put their best foot forward.
  • Team-oriented people who thrive on bringing new ideas with a willingness to share and listen to those they work with.
  • Individuals who express their opinion and want to be valued for that opinion.
  • Respectful colleagues who want to help their company grow and who work collaboratively in the best interests of the company.
  • Energetic people that want to grow professionally and who have a strong desire to develop new skills and use those skills to excel.
  • Strong communicators who are flexible and comfortable with change.
  • Candidates who know their strengths and weaknesses and constantly seek the opportunity to improve.

Select a department below for a complete list of our current job openings:

Client Development
Customer Service
Product and Site Management
Strategic Partnerships