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InsWeb has been recognized many times for the innovative and effective way it brings together insurance providers and insurance consumers.

Kiplinger- 2009
"Best Auto Insurance Website"

Kiplinger- 2008
"Best Auto Insurance Website"

Kiplinger- 2007
"Best Auto Insurance Website"

InsWeb provides a comprehensive series of forms to fill out, professionally done, and quick response from InsWeb and the Company of my choice is very much appreciated. My insurance goes in force this Thursday -- very good, prompt, and economical price for coverage sought. Thank you once again!

- J. Wilkinson, Fresno, CA

Forbes- 2007
"Best of the Web" and "Forbes Favorite"

Yahoo Internet Life - 2002
"Best insurance site"

Forbes - 2002
 "Auto Insurance Best of the Web"

Yahoo! Internet Life - 2001
 Gold Star Sites - "Best Auto Insurance Site"

Forbes - 2000
 "Best of the Web" and Forbes' Favorite"

Money - 1999
 "The Most Complete Insurance Marketplace on the Web"

Lafferty Group - 1999
 "#1 Online Insurance Site"