How DUIs Impact Your Auto Insurance

Driving while intoxicated is illegal, dangerous, a felony in many states and could cost you a bundle if you're convicted. But few drivers realize how much a DUI actually costs.

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The Cost of a DUI

For most Americans, there is no substitute for driving a vehicle. Access to driving privileges makes it possible to travel to work, school or run errands. But salvaging the right to operate a vehicle can prove expensive and time-consuming following a DUI conviction.

The office of the Illinois Secretary of State reports that the average cost of a DUI in Illinois is roughly $14,660. In other areas, the costs are even higher. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, a DUI conviction in Texas can top $24,000.

After a DUI, How Much Will You Pay for Auto Insurance?

Skyrocketing auto insurance rates add to the financial aftermath of a DUI conviction. After a DUI, you will be categorized as a high-risk driver and may be required to purchase an SR22 policy. Your premium will rise and your insurer may non-renew or cancel the policy.

Depending on how long a DUI remains on your record, higher rates can continue for up to seven years. Furthermore, if any accidents and tickets (past or future) are present, your auto insurance rate could soar even higher.

Have a DUI on Your Record? You Can Still Save on Auto Insurance

Let’s face facts: If a driver is convicted of a DUI, his or her auto insurance rate is going to rise. But more than any other driver, those convicted of a DUI can’t afford not to shop around for the best auto insurance policy available.

Although drivers with a DUI will have limited options, don't fall into the trap of signing on with the first company that offers you a policy. Conduct research, compare quotes and make a careful decision. In the meantime, take a conservative approach to driving and steer clear of tickets and accidents.

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