Prevent Home Robbery and Save on Your Home Insurance

According to the FBI, a house, condominium or apartment is burglarized every 15 seconds. Unfortunately, many homeowners make it easy for thieves to commit robbery by leaving doors and windows unlocked or leaving spare keys outside homes.

There are simple things you can do to protect against home robbery and possibly save money on your home insurance. Home insurance companies will often give you discounts when you install theft deterrence features on your house, such as a burglar alarm or deadbolts. And it is always a good idea to keep an up-to-date home inventory.

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Here are five simple ways you can help prevent home robbery:

1. Install Deadbolt Locks

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), if it takes more than five minutes to break into a home, the thief will go elsewhere. Installing deadbolts on all ground level doors makes it harder for thieves to break in, making home robbery less likely. If a sliding glass door is easily accessible, it is a good idea to put a strip of wood in the lower tract to keep outsiders from getting the door open.

2. Get a Burglar Alarm

You may want to consider installing a burglar alarm. A home alarm system can help protect your family and property from home robbery. If you have an alarm installed, notify your home insurance provider to see if you can save on your home insurance policy. If you move into a new house with an alarm, make sure you get accurate directions on how to operate it.

3. Lock Your Doors and Windows

Perhaps the simplest way to prevent home robbery is to keep your doors locked, even if you step out for just a few minutes. Remember to lock all doors at night. Similarly, keep your windows locked. Check that all windows have locks when you move into a new house. If they don't, install locks or replace the window.

4. Install More Lights

Outside lights with motion detectors make your home less desirable to would-be home robbers. Help prevent home burglary by mounting security lights high out of reach. If you go on vacation, even for one night, leave at least one visible light on, if not more. The illusion of people in the home may be enough to deter a home burglary. Report broken street lights to the city or to your homeowner's association. Well-lit areas mean fewer hiding places for burglars. Similarly, report any suspicious strangers you notice loitering in your neighborhood.

5. Skip the Hide-a-Key

That fake rock with your front door key in it isn't fooling a home robber, especially in urban areas. It is a better idea to leave a key with a trusted neighbor in case anything happens to your house while you are away, or in case you get locked out.

Even with the best of efforts, home robbery still happens. Make sure you have enough home insurance coverage by comparing multiple home insurance quotes.