Top 10 Most Reliable Cars

When searching for a new car, there are several features to be considered, including style, gas mileage, and price. When consumers are asked what quality is most important in selecting a new car, the number one answer is reliability.

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After reviewing dependability studies by J.D. Power and Associates, Consumer Reports, and other consumer information sites, the following cars consistently appear on multiple surveys as the most reliable models (ranked in no particular order).

10. Toyota Prius: One of the most popular cars sold in America today, the Toyota Prius is also among the most dependable cars on the road. Toyota itself only recommends regular oil changes and inspections for the first 100,000 miles because the Prius has so few common mechanical problems.

9. Ford Fusion: This is one of Detroit's most popular models, yet few people know it is also one of the best domestic cars for reliability. Consumer Reports even ranks the Ford Fusion as more dependable than the Toyota Camry, a far more expensive car.

8. Hyundai Sonata: Hyundai shocked auto buyers everywhere when its Sonata model won the top spot on the Consumer Reports list of most reliable cars, beating out even the popular Toyota Camry. The Sonata is amazingly reliable, with only two problems listed out of every one hundred cars produced.

7. Honda Accord: The Honda Accord is one of the most popular cars sold in the U.S. today. It is also a very popular car in Europe and the U.K. In a survey done in 2009, the British driving public voted the Honda Accord as the most reliable car in Britain. Honda has maintained a reputation for reliability that is nearly unmatched, with the Accord being a top seller worldwide since it first rolled off production lines in 1982.

6. Pontiac Vibe: The Pontiac Vibe is a wonderful car that has been overlooked by consumers since its inception, while it’s nearly identical twin, the Toyota Matrix has gotten rave reviews. The Vibe has all that you would expect from a small Toyota, but with a very appealing price tag.

5. Lexus GS450h: Lexus is well known for making luxurious cars, but most of their models are also extremely dependable. The GS450h is a hybrid that also has great acceleration and the comfort that consumers expect of a Lexus. For those shopping for a reliable car that is more luxurious than a compact, this is an excellent option.

4. Ford Crown Victoria: What car is so reliable that police forces all across America choose it for their patrol cars? You've got it, the classic Ford Crown Vic. This car is fast, has a lot of room, and comes at an affordable price. Consistently, officers across the country rate the Crown Victoria with a ten out of ten for dependability.

3. Ford Focus: Built to cater to a younger crowd, the Ford Focus is a small car at an entry level price point. It is also one of the most reliable cars on the road, as recognized by several different consumer groups. The Focus is often recommended as the most reliable of all Ford models.

2. Honda Civic: Long a favorite among car buyers of all ages, the Honda Civic has been ranked a most reliable vehicle year after year. For consumers looking dependability over size or appearance, the Honda Civic is a standard “go-to” choice.

1. Subaru Outback: Subaru has a devoted customer base due to its rugged and reliable models. The Outback is no exception, with many Subaru fans reporting turning their odometers over two and three times on this car without major repair. And the turbo option makes it not only dependable, but also fun to drive.

As technology improves and car builders compete for a smaller group of consumers, you can expect to see automobiles as a whole become more dependable each and every year. Choosing a car is a complex decision, based on budget and utility. Rest assured that any model on this list will be a wise investment for years to come.


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